Friday, July 07, 2006


My horoscope warned me about keeping a low profile today and staying away from discussions because they will inevitably lead to contention. I didn't think a simple post on a Lost site on LJ would end in contention.

Being new to the whole Lost mythology, and not having seen all of season 2, I introduced myself and asked if anyone else noticed some of the connections I saw when I watched the show. One young girl came back with a sarcastic remark as if I had questioned her intelligence and ability to see and recognize patterns. I had an interesting exchange with a young gentleman who answered my questions and asked questions of his own, sharing his insights and thoughts, and I shared mine with him. It was a good conversation. Then came another barrage from another young girl who asked if I came to the site to brag or learn from those more knowledgeable than I, and all because I asked a question and offer some insight on a history of a character's name. I should have paid attention to my horoscope and waited to post until things cleared up. Nothing like offering quality merchandise to those who have only plated lead coins with which to pay.

Beware: Lost discussion ahead.

The last few episodes I've watched involved a man Danielle captured in one of her traps and turned over to Sayid. She warned Sayid the man was one of the Others and not to listen to or believe his lies. Danielle disabled the man with a crossbow bolt through the right shoulder after Sayid cut him down. Had she wanted to kill him, she would have killed him. Danielle only wanted him incapacitated.

Sayid carried him back to the hatch and proceeded to beat the truth out of the man who called himself Henry Gale of Minnesota. There is no doubt the man is one of the Others and the clues have nothing to do with Sayid's lack of guilt for torturing him or the rest of the castaways' (the ones who are in the loop and know about the captive) mistrust. It has to do with the circumstances and the man's name.

Henry Gale who came from Minnesota and crash landed on the island in a balloon.

Sound familiar? (that's the question I asked)

It should. Henry Gale, otherwise known as Uncle Henry, was Dorothy Gale's uncle, Dorothy of the ruby slippers and her trip from gray Kansas to Technicolor Oz. The Wizard of Oz crash landed his balloon over the rainbow in Oz, a magical place full of witches and flying monkeys and all kinds of weird and wonderful people, places and things. Beginning to get the picture? Of course Henry Gale is a plant, a mole, one of the Others and even though Sayid and his crew, Ana Lucia and Charley, found the balloon and the grave, they were not convinced the captive was an innocent castaway.
when the truth came out, my deductions proved to be correct. That's not bragging. That is simply fact.

Being a writer helps because writers learn early on (or they should) that nothing in a story is for effect; there is always a purpose for whatever is in the story or it shouldn't be there. Goes for the written word as well as television, movies, radio plays and theater. Every bit of information, no matter how small and seemingly insignificant, relates to the main plot and/or characters in some way. Tidbits like that are not like salting a claim. If you recognize a tidbit you can bet there's gold in them thar hills.

I am certain there are things I have missed and there are lots of things I didn't mention (I kept my introduction short), but my little bit of information it someone wrong and they attacked. C'est la vie. Just like tidbits of information in a story that always have significance somewhere down the line, you can bet someone will take offense at the most harmless and inoffensive words no matter your intent in offering them.

Once upon a time I would have blasted back, defending my intent and my words, but I have learned to hold my tongue and my words, preferring to spend them in worthier causes than trading insults and barbs with misanthropic children mired in angst and mental masturbation they believe passes for intelligence and wit.

Today has been a day of interesting twists and turns, trading long awaited pleasure for disappointment, and even offering up a surprise or two. More rain and cool temperatures that drive my neighbor Nel to drink as she prays for blazing summer heat and a surprise visit from the landlady asking me to close all my windows because the house is being power washed. Didn't take long and only delayed my Lost fest a few minutes, and I was glad to oblige. No work to type and that means I'll be working long hours tonight and giving up my long awaited trip to Monument for the hamfest and VE session tomorrow. At least I'll be able to take a few minutes to gather some fresh organic produce from the farmer's market tomorrow morning and do the laundry between battles with mealy mouthed doctors breaking the sound barrier with their mouths or limping and glossing over intricate and detailed operative reports.

I must have done well this past six months because I also received my six-month review. My error rate has come down from 0.45% to 0.33% and my average page rate (despite long periods of no work) went up another seven pages, which means an increase in my holiday and vacation pay. That was good news. I am a little disappointed because I should have a 0% error rate, but less than half of one percent is still pretty good, if I do say so myself (not bragging, just stating facts), especially when the overall company error rate is 0.51%. Last time the company wide error rate was higher, and it's still higher than mine. I may have to work this weekend but at least it came on the tail end of good news instead of the usual bad or questionable news. I can live with that.

In the meantime, I plan to stay close to home, avoid talking to anyone outside of my circle of friends and keep out of situations that might end in useless argument and name calling.

Come to think of it, that's a good policy to follow every day and not just when Mercury is making hash of the planetary influences in my chart.

I'll shut up now.

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