Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Naked in the dark

For some reason "naked at dawn" is in my mind. It's a book written by a character on a soap opera I watched several decades ago. Could it be because I'm sitting here in the dark naked as the day dawns?

It's cool outside and the ceiling fan makes it cool enough inside that I feel chilled and ready to dive into a sweater and cover up with a blanket. I could turn off the ceiling fan and put on some clothes but the air on my skin feels good, almost decadent, definitely soothing.

I woke up a little while ago for the usual morning bathroom call and decided to see if the next episode of Lost was finished downloading. It hasn't. It's taking a lot longer to download than the earlier and first season episodes did. I guess not as many people have taken the time to upload the episodes since the season just finished and the reruns are about to start. It will get better, but I'm not waiting until September or October. It will day several hours longer, but it's worth waiting for. I won't watch it on TV because I hate the commercials and I like being able to watch it all in a continuous stream, like a movie that hasn't been edited for television, cutting out important chunks and redubbing dialogue so they can slip in 15-18 minutes worth of commercials every hour. 'Nuff said.

Moving on, yesterday was a quiet day for me. I broiled some steaks, made bleu cheese sauce for the steaks and watched movies while I watched and listened to the rain. It has rained some part of every day for ten days and there are nine more days of rain to come. The latest emergency bulletin called the rain monsoonal, but what they meant was monsoon like. This isn't the tropics. We don't get monsoons. We get tornadoes and flash floods and downpours. Unless California and the western seaboard has slipped off into the ocean and the earth's axis has tilted and we have slid farther down the planet and I'm now living on the coast of Colorado, this isn't where you'll get monsoons or hurricanes. So, all my friends and acquaintances on the western seaboard, please check in. I don't want to have to drive to Grand Junction to check for a new sea coast line.

I pruned off the dead and rotting end of the geranium start in the bud vase yesterday and broke down a bunch of boxes. I still need to go through the box closet that once upon a time was just the living room closet and get organized in there so I can store hiking and backpacking equipment and so I can paint the woodwork and trim and inside of the closet doors without being smother and covered by a Fibber McGee and Molly's closet style avalanche. And either today or this weekend I intend to hit the second hand stores for a small occasional table or pedestal for the little statue I found for pennies at Celebration (local metaphysical and magic paraphernalia store) to go in my relationship corner. It's a fluid almost amorphous sculpture made of some kind of acrylic, a couple embracing and looking into each other's eyes, except the couple doesn't have eyes. It's representational and quite lovely for the four limp singles I spent on it. I love sales when they end in me getting something lovely for almost nothing and it's the only one on a dusty back shelf in the back. Now I need a small narrow pedestal to fit in the southwest corner, the relationship corner, so the feng shui experts tell me, so I can stimulate and support my relationship. I call it sympathetic magic, the idea being that what you mirror or build in your home and in your mind will manifest in the real world. Sort of like representational art that suggests a couple with simple lines and forms but is really a fluid, amorphous piece of acrylic in which I see a couple looking lovingly at each other while they embrace. Harmony, symmetry, togetherness and love.

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