Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Around the house

Unlike my usual week, I drove the car twice yesterday, one to Mountain Mama's and the second time to take the maid home. I put new lithium batteries in the camera and took it along to show a bit of the journey. As I walked through the back gate to the parking lot I noticed the roses were in bloom with lots of blossoms and one really beautiful yellow bloom. The bush grows at the base of Nel's deck where her peas in a pod hang. I'll have to get a close up on the deck and get a picture of Nel's iguana, Iggy.

On the other side of the deck is the Lon Chaney house where the blooming in the back yard. The spectacular this year. In the car, turn left at the end of the alley and up the street to one of the parks close to home. I can't resist the beauty and tranquility of the spot every time I drive past it. Down at Mountain Mama's the the ladies are always busy serving and making their healthy and delicious desserts. I couldn't resist the organic vegan carrot cake while I watched them making sandwiches.

Outside the sky was full of cotton candy clouds and the mountains were crowned with fluffy islands pregnant with rain. Back home the maid was out on the deck cleaning the table with a cigarette dangling out of his mouth. I went upstairs to fix and eat lunch and get back to work until five.

When it was time to take Bear home, I passed the knight who guards the hallway outside my door and walked down the stairs past the stained glass window and down the stairs. The drive to the west side of town was full of laughter and conversation, but the drive back was a kaleidoscope of clouds hiding the Colorado blue with pink and gray and obscuring Pikes Peak. Even the prices at the gas stations look good against the dusk clouds of the gathering storm. Everywhere I looked there were beautiful and ominous sights presaging another summer storm. The closer I got to home the more charcoal shaded out the sunset colors until I arrived safely home before the rain began to fall. Kittysocks was curled up on Nel's deck and the sun was nearly gone behind the trees. I was glad to be home even if it meant more work after a quick dinner.

And I am not the only one who has taken up photography. My sister Carol has decided to spend her retirement taking pictures of her babies. When she comes to visit with Mom and Beanie in October maybe we can compare cameras and subjects. You never know.

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