Sunday, August 13, 2006

Books, books, books, food

One of these days I will have floor to ceiling book cases in a room with a comfy overstuffed chair and lots of light. In the meantime, there are books everywhere: under the coffee table, on the coffee table, on the shelves in the bedroom, on the floor in the bedroom, on the bed, probably under the bed, in the bathroom, and even in my office. The difference of opinion I had with the postman was over books, and one movie, but mostly over delivering books. We have that sorted out -- sort of. He now leaves my packages on the bench on the front porch but he writes out a delivery slip and puts it in my mailbox, obviously unable to see that I will see the packages before I even open my mailbox to retrieve his delivery slip.

Okay, back to the books.

After much procrastination and idling of time playing Spider Solitaire and searching markets on Writer's Market, I finally got down to business, skimmed through two books I read several weeks ago and wrote my reviews. I just sent them off to Dominick and will get back to work reading more books. I also have one from Author Link that I started and need to finish in the next two days before I finish the other five books I've promised to read and review. I have a feeling that the number of authors contacting me to review their books is about to go up considerably. I hope the postman owns a truss and has lots of those little delivery slips, since he writes one delivery slip telling me my package is on the bench for every package he leaves on the bench. I no longer believe that he is meticulous, just anal and difficult. I don't think he realizes you only have to dot the "i" and cross the "T" once.

It has been a cool and calm day with rain off and on and a lovely breeze coming through the window that made me so cold I had to put on clothes and turn off the ceiling fan. Maybe fall will come early this year with its scent of smoke and impending rain and snow, or maybe not. The leaves on the trees are still a brilliant green so unlike the limp sun-bleached green of last year.

BBQ chicken is bubbling in the oven scenting the air with caramelized sugar and warm spices, one more reason for me to take a break and enjoy myself before I plunge headlong back into work. I want a few more dictations on my tally sheet before I begin organizing the books and transferring them from the living room to the bedroom floor until I can clear the shelves, reset them and stack the books according to subject and place in line for reviewing. I didn't get any painting done, but I did win quite a few games of Spider Solitaire, a nasty habit I must give up -- soon -- but not too soon.

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