Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Decisions, decisions and windshield wipers

Ever make a decision and wonder if you did the right thing? Of course you have. I know I have. I did yesterday. I decided to walk down to the motel...

...in the rain...

...without stretching first.

Can't take it back now.

The Nike running shoes I bought made my feet feel so good and they didn't hurt even after walking a mile or three. Can't say the same thing for the rest of me. My calves hurt. My legs hurt. My ankles hurt. Today my head and sinuses hurt. My feet don't hurt. Who said that if your feet feel good the rest of you will, too, obviously didn't know much. If your feet hurt, the rest of you is bound to follow, but the rest of you can hurt even when your feet feel good.

I walked down to the motel to get a little exercise. I got a lot. Mom decided she wanted to go get something to eat but the KFC down the street was not open yet. There used to be an open KFC there. I ate there once or twice. They're revamping the store, so now it's closed--for a while. Mom and Carol had to check out the hole-in-the-wall bargain mart and found cough drops for 75 cents. I don't know what else they got. I stayed in the car. I am missing the shopping gene. When they came out Denny's was next on the list.

Before we got started I had to walk back home to get the car because Carol and Tracy couldn't get it started even after detailed instructions. I told Mom before I left that as soon as I got in the car it would start. It did. My car doesn't like other people driving him. Thieves wouldn't have a chance. Sometimes he won't start for me, but that's just to slow me down. There have been times when the delay he caused kept me from being in an accident or slowed me down when I was anxious or in a rush that would have put me in harm's way because cops were crawling all over the place and out for speeders. Speeding is why I have a car with cruise control. Keeps me from speeding because I do so like speed and it sneaks up on me the minute I quit paying close attention.

Since the driver's side windshield wiper arm still doesn't work Beanie kept jumping out of the car at stop signs and red lights to sweep the arm across the windshield to clear it for a minute. The rest of the time I was leaning over toward Mom's side of the car to see out a clear windshield. Yes, it was definitely fun times yesterday. The rain was a light mist when I walked to and from the motel but it rained more and more the minute I got into the car and put him in gear. Oh, well. I still think Beanie should have hung onto the roof of the car and worked the wiper arm. She had on a raincoat and she wouldn't have gotten very wet.

So, Denny's for dinner and then over to Wal-Mart so Mom and Carol could shop and Beanie and I could get the ingredients for oatmeal cake (she's doing that one) and salmon patties for Mom (I'm doing those). Mom offered to buy groceries for me but I don't like Wal-Mart and I don't know where anything is. It would have taken hours. I'll take the car over to the mechanic by the King Sooper's and get it fixed today and then go over to the store to buy some groceries now that I have a partial paycheck. They screwed me out of pages again. I'm just so thrilled to work my butt off only to get stiffed time and again. Still, it's a paycheck I can count on at least part of the time.

Tomorrow we go up Pikes Peak on the cog rail at 9:20 AM, providing Carol and Mom can get out of bed in the morning.

That is all. Disperse.

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