Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

I woke up at 2:30 AM and couldn't get back to sleep right away. Not a problem; I have a computer and books. I read and went through email and did my usual early morning routine after heeding and obeying the call of nature and then I fell back to sleep only to wake an hour later from the midst of a dream where I was going to the bathroom. I made it to the bathroom with seconds to spare. My warm and cozy bed called softly to me but I have company this weekend, my favorite fella--Pastor. He had to go out.

Eyes still partially veiled with sleep, I worked my feet into my still tied trainers and made my way downstairs to wake Pastor and take a cold blast of autumn morning air in the face while Pastor ambled out into the yard to yawn and stretch and stretch and yawn and... "Do your business, Pastor," I called with hope in my heart and body wracked with chills. "Hurry up, boy," I begged as he yawned and stretched some more, sniffing here and there to find just the right spot.

Why can't dogs go in the same spot all the time? Humans do. Okay, so we have a bowl of water with an opened ringed seat and the debris doesn't sink into the water table or dry out while flies feast and lay their maggoty eggs. Yuck! Where was I? Oh, right...

"Please, Pastor," I begged silently as he stretched and yawned and hovered in prime position at last. I didn't hear the usual splash and forcible spray onto the crunchy dead leaves and he didn't stay there long. He milled around stretching and yawning some more but something in my look--probably the abject pleading frozen on my numb face--caught his attention and he ambled back to the porch and inside, stopping long enough to butt me with his head and push me into the cold pallid morning light in my T-shirt and trainers.

I shut and locked the door and followed him into the landlady's apartment and into the kitchen to give him fresh water, prepare his meds and add them to his food, patted him on the head and he dove nose first into his warm breakfast and trudged back into the hall and up the stairs to go back to bed. I'm in bed but sleep did not follow so I'm back on the Internet cruising for an information fix before I slide back beneath the covers and find that warm and cozy spot where I can drift back into sleep to find the three hours I lost this morning when nature raised the alarm at 2:30 AM.

At least dinner will be quick and easy to prepare: turkey, baked yams, dilled cucumbers and fresh fruit. (I did the cucumbers last night and the fruit is already ready)

I had planned to be in Missouri for a very long weekend until lack of funds and the jolting shock of being told by my boss she didn't schedule me off tomorrow as I had requested and she had agreed nine long months ago. Instead, with my one remaining personal day, I am taking off Dec. 22nd so I will have a four-day weekend with Xmas.

I got it in writing.

That is all. Disperse.

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