Sunday, December 10, 2006

Another day is yawning

It's nearly impossible to enjoy the dawn with the Xmas lights still on at a house across the street. The rest of the street is dark, except for the street light on the corner, but its yellow light is less intrusive than the white twinkling lights limning the front porch, roof and windows across the street. The trees emerge as dark clawed and twisted silhouettes against the faint blue lightening sky and the houses across the street appear as ghostly lines and angles in front of the dark bulk of the mountains. The squirrels aren't up and about yet but two ragged tailed foxes prowl the sidewalks, hungry shadow wraiths anxious to catch a sleep addled squirrel for breakfast before they race the sun back to their den to feed themselves and their families. Soon my little confused squirrel will be wrestling and chasing the little black squirrel that appeared a couple of days ago, but they never stop long enough in their play for me to get a picture. A glimpse of all black fur is the most I have caught since he popped his head up in the crotch of the squirrel porn tree four days ago. I have stalked him ever since without success. Maybe today I'll catch him while I work another 12-14 hours.

A book I started and (luckily) finished yesterday wouldn't let me sleep in peace until I had written the review and posted it at The Celebrity Cafe. Now that I have finished that task, as well as deleting 20 spam mails, I am going to crawl back between the now cool sheets and chase a little more sleep before I must place my nose against the grindstone. I still have a stack of books to read and review, but they can wait a bit longer.

That is all. Disperse.

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