Thursday, June 05, 2008

Magic water

The skirmish is over. The trash bin was moved to the alley and is now accessible to both houses and it was moved mere minutes after Ms. Stilettos arrived home yesterday. She got the message and this morning there was no fishwife greeting and no calling card on the porch. Sometimes, it takes only a simple reminder to get back on track.

It took a while to get to sleep last night. I was restless; I always am when the weather is unsettled and holding back something big. The something big happened many miles away, but during the unsettled haze of almost sleep a gentle sound worked its magic and I finally fell into a deep well and into Morpheus's arms. It rained. I knew it was coming; I smelled it on the air and I felt it like a heavy weight pressing down on my sinuses. For some reason, ever since I moved to Colorado my sinuses have been more accurate than Doppler or radar in detecting pressure, high and low, and the coming of rain or bad weather.

I don't consider rain bad weather, it's too exhilarating and exciting for that, but last night's -- and this morning's -- rain wasn't of the thunderstorm variety. It was a soft, gentle outpouring that continues to patter down over the leaves and grass like a sensuous bath beneath a trickling waterfall. The sound is soothing and quiet, a subliminal lullaby.

I had hoped it would rain all day, a steady downpour that would soak into the ground instead of rushing through the rain gutters like a sea of otters racing for the rivers and washes, but the rain continues to pitter here and patter there, off and on, like a child playing with a newly discovered faucet and reveling in the magic, sneaking back every time momma's back is turned to see if the magic still works.

For now, I need to drag myself up, get cleaned up and start work. Two more days in this week left to tote the barge and lift the bale before a busy weekend of ham radio swapfests, licensing exams and a book signing on Sunday fill my weekend. Good thing the washing is caught up and I have something halfway decent to wear.

That is all. Disperse.

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