Wednesday, June 04, 2008

New neighbors

There seems to be a small glitch in relations between the new neighbor and me. The terms of our leases state that we share a trash bin. I've enjoyed being able to walk across the lot and put my trash in the bin without ambush but then things became a little odd.

Yesterday morning when I walked over to deposit the trash, I noticed last week's trash bag was lying on the ground and the bins had been moved inside the yard behind the gate. I picked up the bag and dropped it and this week's trash in the bin, locked the gate behind me and walked back home. After I dropped off the rent and called the landlord to let him know I had slipped it through the mail slot (he wasn't there), I asked him if I was mistaken about using the trash bin next door. He said no and that he would have to have a discussion with my neighbor since she likes to control the trash situation. He also said it has been a while since this issue has come up and that he would remind her of the terms of the lease. I was satisfied.

Until this morning.

"You bitch!" rang out in the clear morning air as I typed my morning post, followed by the angry clomping of stilettos across the parking lot and the rustling thump of something dropped on the porch. By the time I got to the door, no one was there or in the parking lot, although I'd heard the receding angry stilettos before I got to the door, and the garbage from last week and this week was sitting on the porch in front of the door. I called the landlord again and explained what happened. He told me he hadn't sent a letter to the neighbor yet nor stopped by to speak with her but that would be taken care of today without delay. I thought about introducing myself to my neighbor by way of a letter but then decided not to do that and allow the landlord to deal with the situation. I got dressed and took the garbage back over and put it in the bin. Then I changed my mind and wrote the following:

Dear neighbor,

I would like to introduce myself and to apologize for not having done so sooner. I am Jackie Cornwell and have rented the cottage across the parking lot. I would also like to apologize for not greeting you this morning when you shouted your morning greeting and left your calling card on my porch, but I was unaware of your attentions or that they were directed at me until later. I have, however, shared your gesture with the landlord, Mark.

Maybe you are unaware of the terms of our leases or have merely forgotten we share a common trash bin. Mark has informed and assured me of this fact. Please let this note serve as a reminder and my thanks for your solicitous attentions. I am certain Mark will add his comments in a more direct and personal manner. So, in hopes of getting on better footing, let me thank you again for your visit and include my wish that we can co-exist with the mutual understanding and awareness of the shared cost of trash removal unless it would be more convenient for the bin to be moved closer to the cottage so you will have a place to deposit the trash.

Now that I have introduced myself, I hope you will find it easier and more efficient to call me Jackie instead of "you bitch".

As always...

That is all. Disperse.

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