Wednesday, September 26, 2012


It has finally happened.

I broke the top 100 on Amazon's best seller list yesterday after Among Women was available for free.

When I went to bed I was at #8 on the contemporary fiction list and #97 on the fiction list. I just took a look and what did I find:

Product Details

I added the whole bit so you didn't think I was faking it. Since Among Women is free for Kindle until Saturday, I have strong hopes of hitting the #1 spot and maybe staying there a while. Even the UK is getting into it now because 88 copies have been downloaded for free, and that hasn't happened ever. I'm nearing 10,000 copies given away, but that means 10,000 more people might actually read and like (and comment) on the book and they might tell a friend or two.

That's the whole point of a giveaway, to get your book in front of people. I decided on a 5-day giveaway so that I'd have the best chance of hitting a much wider audience. If you haven't read Among Women yet or know someone who hasn't, tell them to get it free now. This is the last chance they will have this year -- and maybe forever -- to read the book. That is, before I publish Among Men the sequel, the next book in the Among series.

Get the book while you still can. Unlimited free copies available (it's digital) until midnight Saturday, 09/29/12.

That is all. Disperse -- AND READ.


Anonymous said...

I just finished Among Women. I loved it. This is my first time reading one of your books. I'll definitely look for more. I was one of the ones that downloaded it for free on Kindle. Thank you for offering your book.

Debbie from NC/USA

Sharon said...

I really enjoyed the book also. I can't wait to read the sequel. when will it be available?

J.M.Cornwell said...

I'm glad you both liked the book. I hope you'll add your comments on Amazon. As for the sequel, as soon as I can get it edited and formatted for ebooks. The cover is done; that was the easy part.

Thank you. It's nice to know people are reading and liking Among Women.