Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate

I cut down (way down, think really low bass down) on sugar 3 months ago. I went through all the holidays without a single candy cane, pumpkin pie, chocolate mousse, chocolate coins, etc. without batting an eye. Since the physical changes wrought have been so remarkable I decided to celebrate with something sweet for Valentine's Day.

Did I mention, no ice cream or tiramisu?

I love dark chocolate covered cherries, Almond Roca, and anything chocolate from Godiva. As I looked at all the possibilities and tried to decide with decadent chocolate treat to celebrate with, I decided not to buy anything. I'll get through Valentine's Day without a sweet (as in sugar) treat, even if that Caribbean chocolate rum cake looks so good and, if memory serves, tasted like rum soaked chocolate heaven. No sense letting all this good work go to waste.

I need to cross stitch now to keep my hands busy and out of mischief. That's what I need. I can do this. I got through 2 months of holidays treats treatless. One day won't make a difference.

Just don't visit my house for at least a week after Valentine's Day. I might mistake you for a chocolate heart and bite your head off. I wouldn't be responsible; it's instinct.

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