Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Danger! Cross Stitchers

I seldom complain, especially about the people I do business with, but there comes a time when something must be said, especially when there has been no communication from the seller and no resolution of the problem.

In October, I purchased a Sudberry House 10 x 10 inch tray to house the cross stitch design I did for a friend. It didn't come. I contacted the seller, Shamrock Rose Treasures and asked for a refund since I was able to buy the tray elsewhere and they delivered it on time. Three times I have contacted Laura, the owner and operator of the company, and each time I have received nothing in return, not a refund or a replacement of the item purchased.

I realize the cost isn't that great, $54.95 with shipping and handling from Ontario, Canada, but that is not the issue. The issue is that Laura has not responded and has not refunded my money. I cannot get a refund through my bank because I let the situation go on too long, but I can warn other potential buyers that this is not a reliable service and the owner does not deliver.

If you are a cross stitcher and come across Shamrock Rose Treasures, avoid them like the plague and spread the word. This business needs to be boycotted and the owner avoided at all costs. You might lose more money than I have.

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