Friday, August 19, 2016

Game Changer

Considering what I am coming to believe about Iran and the rest of the world as it has been painted in the US media, the US deal with Iran is beginning to look a lot different.

The big news is that the $400,000,000 ($400 million) payment in various currencies that has been seen on video on pallets at a European airport being loaded onto a plane headed for Iran as part of the negotiations with Iran over their nuclear armament was ransom for hostages held by Iran. It now comes out that Obama refused to release the money to Iran until the hostages were released after claiming multiple times in the media that the money was not ransom because the US -- and Obama -- do not and will not pay ransom for hostages. Iran is calling the payment ransom and the US State Department has finally admitted publicly that Iran was told to release the hostages or the money would not be paid. If it looks like a rabid dog, snarls and bites like a rabid dog, it is a rabid dog.

Now here comes the shocker. If, as I am coming to believe, Iran is not the evil we in the US have been told it is, the Iran deal begins to take on a different look.

Iran has funded and armed terrorists and allowed Putin to launch air strikes against the Islamic State from Iran. I know that Russia has long held close ties with Iran throughout all the years of fears about Iran becoming nuclear, even to the point of providing technologists and selling Iran fissionable material, but Russia, and Putin, are not the bad guys. Look at the news about Putin and Russia as characterized in the US media and of course Putin is up to no good, carrying on a cold war with the US in spite of the end of the Cold War when the wall came down between East and West Berlin during Reagan's administration. Putin is not the enemy of the American people. Putin is part of a coalition of countries, including Iran and China, that have been trying to force the issue of Full Disclosure about extraterrestrial aliens and the real universe we live in, the truth that the Cabal, and men like George Soros and the blood line of the Rothschilds, the masters, have been keeping from the world's people as they continue relentlessly forward with their New World Order. That is who Putin, China, Iran, Venezuela, Brazil and other countries have been battling all along. It does not help that the Obama administration, Hillary and Bill Clinton, the Clinton Foundation, and the corrupt politicians in Washington, D.C., as well as the media, are on the same side as Soros and the masters who have always run this planet (at least what is purported to be the civilized part of this planet).

The New World Order's plans have always been the enslavement of the earthlings and the annihilation of 95% of the world's people, along with the depopulation of Africa, so there is more for the ruling elite and fewer bothersome slaves who have become far too intractable of late, refusing to knuckle under to the ruling elite like good slaves, to govern safely without the constant threat of revolution. Putin, China, Iran, and the others in that group demanding Full Disclosure, are and have been spear-heading the destruction of the masters and the New World Order and are no longer amenable to correction because they have rid their countries of their debt to the NWO's banks. That is what is at the heart of the problems with Iran -- and have been all along.

Iran's enslavement to Islam and the violence of their jihadis, and hatred of the sovereign country of Israel and the Jews, do color their ideology, but there is so much more going on than the rest of the world, and most especially the United States' citizenry, realize and know about. The US deal with Iran is more about the control of the world through the US Dollar than it is about anything else. Since World War II, the world's currency has been the US Dollar and the world's oil must be bought with the US Dollar. Iran tried to set up their own currency for their own oil and the US government decided to put a stop to Iran's plans and put in place sanctions against Iran (strong arm tactics) using the UN to enforce those sanctions as the member countries fell quietly into line to support the US actions.

The same tactics were tried during the American Civil War. Britain backed the Confederate states (the southern states) that had been caught in a bind about where to sell their cotton and for how much. Britain promised to fund the Confederacy with their own money and guaranteed cotton would be sold to Great Britain at a much more profitable price than the northern textile manufacturers would meet. That was part of the reason the South seceded, forming the Confederate States, and why President Lincoln set the South up in order to start a war -- Civil War according to the North and the War of Northern Aggression according to the South. Britain pulled its fund from the Confederate Bank and its support from the Confederacy and the rest was pretty much a foregone conclusion that resulted in freedom for the slaves (a last resort for the Union/North/President Lincoln to be used when all other options had been exhausted) and the defeat of the Confederacy and the rebuilding of the South with the pernicious and greedy carpetbaggers that spear-headed the North's retribution and the death of the southern lifestyle. Like the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812, what is in the history books is a very diluted version of events.

And so it is with Iran. Obama, the present NWO puppet in chief of the US, tried to buy Iran to subvert the Alliance (Russia, China, Iran, Venezuela, Brazil, etc.) and postpone Full Disclosure in trade for a Partial Disclosure that would be drawn out as long as possible for the NWO to complete their plan for annihilation of 95% of the planet's population and implementation of a centralized government with the masters' bloodline, the Royal Bloodline, in charge.

Maybe Iran isn't the villain after all and the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei were telling the world the truth when they called George W. Bush the head of the true evil in this world. I'm beginning to think the Ayatollah was right. It's hard to deny that George W. Bush and his father, George Herbert Walker Bush, were part of some pretty nasty secret societies, like the Skull and Bones, or that they are the inheritors of their German progenitors' Nazi legacy and connected to the NWO elites and bloodline, the roots of which go back to antiquity. Phillip K. Dick may not have been as insane as he was purported to be when he wrote The Man in the High Castle and Valis, among other novels and stories embedded with conspiracy theorist-type themes.

I reserve final judgment until I gain more knowledge and sort out more historical threads, but I believe the secret war with Russia, and Putin, and the coming war with Iran and China have more in common with the British interference that was certainly central to the Civil War/War of Northern Aggression than with the fantasy that we in the US have to protect ourselves against a nuclear capable Iran or an attack from Russia or China. As you can see if you read and watch the information available about George W. Bush's 9/11 that shored up his presidency, which was already on shaky ground, any aggressive acts by Russia, China, and Iran may be no more smoke and mirrors leading up to an attack on the members of the Alliance.

Time to wake up now. Orwell's 1984 has come and gone and we are still in the control of Big Brother. How much longer depends on you.

That is all. Disperse.

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