Friday, August 19, 2016

Brewing A War to End All Wars...

I'm not sure now at what point I began to see the realities of yet another war to end all wars, and possibly the last, but that is what is on my mind this morning. Well, that and a returned rent check because of a postal error. That's another story and I feel World War 3 is likely to happen before I get evicted for nonpayment of rent, especially since I've already handled that little tornado of disquiet.

That's right. Now I remember -- or at least have an inkling of where this all began -- with the European Union (EU) and Britain leaving the EU (Brexit) and the treaty of Lisbon which began with CFS, Sweden health care system, and the people waking up to realize that they have been lied to, cheated, and treated like dirt.

What did not work in the USA -- and is still going on -- was the Food & Drug Administration's (FDA) push a few years ago to brand and regulate natural supplements and organic farms and ranches that is happening now in Sweden and other EU countries. With their socialized medicine and government tied to the EU, and with Brexit looming with catastrophic repercussions in the 250-word paragraph of the Lisbon Treaty, the Swedish government is poised to classify natural products as drugs. That is what nearly happened in the USA a few years ago and hit the brick wall of the American people waking up and saying loud and clear, "NO!" as they pushed back against the move to regulate natural products as drugs. People don't mind (mostly) the government regulating drugs, but to regulate natural products, essential oils, vitamins that actually contain usable and bioavailable vitamins and minerals, and the tools of naturopathic and holistic medicines is never going to happen as long as the people (awake, anesthetized, and asleep) have a breath in their bodies and a tiny spark of fire in their bellies. Mess with drugs -- it is to be expected -- but do not mess with the only (relatively) safe food and plant-based products available to the public. This move to classify food and natural, organic plant-based products as drugs was the first step on the road to Monsanto's genetically modified organisms (GMO) and world-wide government control of what goes into the food and water supply around the world, which is why California, home of much of the organic farming industry's food, is experiencing the severest drought in recent memory (recent because the weather control departments in our government have only been tracking such things since the 19th century (that's the mid-1800s) when more control over the world's populations in the industrialized nations began.

The drought in California has been manufactured by weather control under the government's jurisdiction. "But we don't have the technology to control the weather," you will say. Oh, yes, we do, but the average American doesn't buy into the whole chemtrails as weather control scenario because the government has sold most of the population on the belief that claiming the drought has been manufactured is the product of science fiction, fantasy, and conspiracy theorists just waiting for their chance to be beamed up into outer space by nonexistent extraterrestrials. After all, X-files was just a TV program and Mulder was just a character on a show. None of what was portrayed on The X-files was real. Things like that don't happen in the real world.

George Soros doesn't fund terrorists or back the plan to exterminate all white people from the face of the planet either. Isn't he white? Soros's color isn't the issue. What is at issue is Soros's connections through his charitable endeavors to promote everything but charity and peace. After all, many Caucasian/white billionaires throughout history have created and funded the enemies of civilization and peace only to be killed by their blood-thirsty puppets. Maybe Soros will go the same way.

The Roman Catholic Church promoted Mohammed from a simple man to the head of the Arab peoples and helped him to formulate the writings that became the Quran. The Jesuits had to help Mohammed because he could neither read nor write. His lack of literate abilities only add to the belief that God, or Allah, spoke directly through Mohammed as the prophet of God. It is no surprise that Mohammed's early writings were peaceful or that his later writings were bloody-minded and focused on war. If you can't win the people's minds with peace then the only option is to foment war to drive the people back into the arms of God and peace. You'll find that same system of beliefs in the movie, Constantine, based on the graphic novels (comic books) of the same name and the failed TV series, Constantine, where Gabriel, the archangel, one of God's chief messengers and warriors, plans to bring Hell on Earth in order to remind people that they owe all to God, the creator of the Universe.

As people become more secular and move farther from faith and handing their lives, souls, and trust to God, the only way to bring them back to their senses and remind them to whom they owe all is to make them afraid, very afraid of what lies outside the protection of God. Terror with a capital T.

Throughout history this same scenario has been dragged to the center ring so that all eyes would be focused in the right direction -- the direction of control, the direction of slaves looking up to the master. The master is always the same, carried through the pure blood lines that have always controlled the world through money, through religion, and by means of terror, and the master will not be put aside for peace or prosperity or self-determination. The master will have his due. That is why the master created GOD. It is easier to control the rabble, the sheep, the slaves, the people if they can go nowhere, do nothing, and believe nothing except in the ultimate POWER OF AN INVISIBLE GOD. That's where Mohammed and Islam and the murderous jihadis come in. They are the instruments of the master herding the sheep back into the fold.

That brings us to World War 3, the war that will not end all wars unless something changes -- or someone intervenes. And we're back into science fiction, fantasy, and conspiracy theorists.

I learned this first hand from my mother. How do you keep the truth from destroying you? Attack the source of the truth.

Isn't that what Hans Christian Anderson's fairy tale, The Emperor's Clothes, was about? Two conmen convince the emperor and everyone among the emperor's staff and servants that the only reason they couldn't see the marvelous new clothes they were fashioning for the emperor to wear was that they were unfit for their position. Everyone's eyes told them the emperor was naked and the conmen tailors were stealing the gold meant to buy the finest cloth, thread, and jewels for embellishing the emperor's new clothes, but they were afraid if they said what their eyes revealed they would lose their place in the governmental hierarchy because being unable to see the magical garments meant they were unfit for their positions. The only one not affected by the fear of being revealed as unfit for their jobs was a little boy who loudly said, "The emperor is naked as the day he was born." What little boy is unfit to be a little boy -- or girl? Not a single one.

So where are our clear-eyed boys and girls unafraid to speak up and say the truth? They're all around us, branded as liars, fantasists, unable to tell the difference between science fiction and scientific fact, and conspiracy theorists. The conmen are still looting and selling lies as truth, making certain to remind everyone that speaking out will only result in being branded a liar and a conspiracy theorist unfit for society who must be demonized, ridiculed, and gotten rid of. The penalty is far worse in today's world because the reward for speaking the truth when ridicule fails is an unplanned suicide or traffic accident or murder by government stooge or any one of the many ways in which all of those conspiracy theorists and wo/men who questioned authority have died. Look around and count the bodies. They number far more than the mountains of heads the Muslims piled up as they raped, pillaged, and beheaded their way across Europe heralding the Dark Ages.

Who is being ridiculed, demonized, and branded nowadays? Putin/Russia, China, and Iran for starters. What if it's all the same game the emperor's tailors played as they pillaged the emperor's wealth while selling him and his people a bill of goods? What if Russia, China, and Iran are the little boy who spoke out and said the emperor was naked? The easiest way to be sure is to follow the money -- the looted money.

Even some of those who know the truth can be -- and have been -- hoodwinked or else they are falling in line with the plan because they benefit in some way. If the truth can be told, the truth can also be bought and sold and the seeds of lies sown that will eventually bear poisoned fruit. Look at what is happening with Whole Foods. The GMO labeling law in Vermont is being circumvented by Whole Foods backing the Monsanto-backed federal legislation in violation of the State of Vermont's right govern their own people within their own borders. According to The US Constitution, each state is guaranteed the right to determine the laws within its own borders.  The Monsanto-backed federal law if enacted would trump the US Constitution and Vermont's right to legislate within their own borders. Make all the jokes you want about people who carry a well-thumbed pocket version of The US Constitution or the US Constitution for Dummies book because if you do not know the law of the land you will end up like all of the people governed by the naked emperor fearing the ridicule, demonization, and threats to your livelihood, family, and life while the conmen -- agents of the masters -- rape and pillage everything you hold dear.

Is no one to be trusted? Not if they can be bought. It is obvious Whole Foods can be bought -- and has been bought for a long time.

You won't need to watch your back. The destroyers, the conmen, the emperor's tailors are coming at you head on and they are gearing up for the final countdown to the war that will end all life as you know it.

If it all comes down to nuclear war and nuclear winter, you might want to consider moving.

If you read of my death by suicide, gas leak, home break-in, or anything other than old age within the next year or two, you'll know that I finally hit the limit of the government's tolerance and have been murdered. If no autopsy is done or my organs don't show some serious damage, destruction, or meltdown, that will be proof. So far, I don't think that anyone human (earthling) has the technology to destroy the human body from within and I do not have cancer or any other chronic, long term diseases. Not even an STD.

That is all. Disperse.

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