Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Quick and Dirty

No time for adding a photo, although I'd like to (thanks, Ted, for that little embellishment), but I'm supposed to be working and researching and concentrating on so many other things. I just have this to say today.

The government, which is coming more under the control of the global elite, has been lying to the people. We, the people. Not just in the USA but in every country around the world. We thought we were free to choose our lives and our paths and many have emigrated to the USA because of those freedoms, but we have all been fooled.  We were never free. We only have the illusion of freedom. The only thing that has changed is that more of we, the people, are waking up (pardon the grammatical faux pas) and realizing that we do indeed living in the Matrix and are not in control of anything. The global elite want one thing, the same thing that the elite have wanted from the beginning of civilization -- elbow room without slaves mucking up the view. We are the slaves. 

The New World Order, a phrase that keeps popping up every few generations or years or eras, is not benevolent and it doesn't want peace, not if war and terrorism and destruction will keep the population numbers down. The elite don't want a compromise. They want total control. Why do you think they have fomented wars, steeped us in fear, and tried to finish us off by nurturing race wars and differences? 

Zero Population Growth was not enough because not everyone bought into the scheme to limit their number of children and then those pesky do-gooders and charities took the children exposed to the elements and brought them in to raise until some well to do do-gooder American or pampered Brit or cosseted and childless couple arrived to adopt the child and raise it on their own. Those do-gooders didn't know they were interfering in a global scheme to eradicate at least 95% of the population so there would be more room for the elite. Stupid slaves. Shouldn't have taught them to read and write and do math. Happens every time you let the slaves have a few perks and a little freedom. The only thing slaves are supposed to do is work until they die in pain and suffering and breed enough slaves to take their turn at the  and work until they die in pain and suffering while breeding the next generation of slaves. 

The slaves aren't supposed to live longer and better lives. That's more do-gooders throwing monkey wrenches into the works and now there are more slaves to get rid of and the numbers keep rising. The slaves are supposed to die. That is why wars were created to decrease the population. That is why viruses are created to eradicate wide swaths of the population. Wars and diseases work for a while, but those pesky buggers, the do-gooders and the slaves, rebound, breed even more, and take up so much space. We keep trying to evict them but, like roaches, they refuse to die -- at least die long enough to do any good. 

They dropped a nuclear bomb on Japan and now Japan is fuller than ever of people. Okay, the bomb left some disease behind, but not enough and there were not enough dead, so we guided the slaves to create newer and better and more devastating weapons of mass destruction. That isn't working either, not with this kumbayah attitude spread by the do-gooders. Pesky do-gooders like flies in the pristine ointment. 

The only answer was to whip up the jihadists with their penchant for killing everyone and taking trophy heads. Works well for a while, but then the jihadists take their own slaves or let some people off if they convert. Tell me how lasting a conversion is when the enemy converts under the threat of death. You get a few zealots and die-hard converts, but mostly you get lip service just like the Jews during the Spanish Inquisition; they converted and secretly continued practicing their Jewish beliefs. Mega-FAIL. 

And it is no different with converting to any belief. The conversion is strong when the converts' allegiance is new and then the converts begin to feel safe and sneak around practicing the beliefs of their childhood, the same beliefs they gave up. Time to cut the heads off all converts and have done with it. Converts will always return to the source of their beliefs, unless there is a conversion of the heart and that is seldom guaranteed. Not worth the effort to let them live. Better to kill them outright and have done. 

Allowing the enemy to pay a tax seems like a good idea, more money for the coffers, but the hassle isn't worth the rewards, especially when the pittance the enemy pays doesn't come close to equalling their taxes, and the enemy continues to work against us. Oh, we can sway a few, get them to commit crimes you wouldn't believe, encourage them to sacrifice their friends and colleagues and anyone who believes in them, but the sacrifices are never enough and the result is either a convert waiting for a chance to destroy the ruling elite, us, or a murderer who would sacrifice anyone to their greed for power and their belief that they will be saved from death and the fires of the hell we will unleash on this earth. Fools! Better to get rid of them, along with the rest of the slaves and converts and have done. 

We tried to limit your numbers by putting poisons in your foods, but that didn't work so well. You got fat on the poisons, developed a tolerance, and doctors kept you alive, if only marginally, while you suckled the government teat and bred even more slaves that would rather suck the government teat than do the work you were bred to do. Massive FAIL again. 

We have promoted wars, but someone always wins, and there are still so many combatants survive to breed or end up on the government dole for far too long. We have cooked up all kinds of fake viruses and PR campaigns composed of lies and fear to keep the slaves going the right way down the Highway to Hell, but those do-gooders always figure it out and, no matter how we destroy their livelihood and ruin their lives and their businesses, they keep coming back, they keep talking, they keep spreading the word so it is harder for the fake viruses and smear campaigns to work. The slaves keep slipping the noose and far too few will slip the noose even if we fake an alien invasion or the Second Coming of that Jesus do-gooder. The only plan that really works leaves nothing but scorched earth and, though we can scorch a lot of earth, our enemies will keep us from the Full Burn. 

Politics keeps the slaves occupied for a while but even when we get our own people in and line up another of the converts, someone (a lot of someones) always figures it out and we're back to the same convert problem. Our political stooges have a taste of power and the greedy converts want more, more for themselves, more for their families (hooray, more greedy converts), more for their friends, more, more, more. Or they leave a bloody trail so long and so wide and so hard to erase that their worth is far outweighed by their incompetence and greed. No matter how we rig things to work in our favor, we always end up at the same point -- wondering how to get rid of 95% of the slaves so we can have a peaceful and quietly productive life for ourselves without having to share the resources or our space. 

We haven't balked at poisoning the planet or the slaves because it's a sacrifice we are willing to make. We know the planet is not such a fragile thing even though we've told the slaves it is as fragile as a warm egg with a thin shell. Even there, the do-gooders did their best to prove our convert scientists and government stooges wrong -- and they did -- and the slaves people believed it mostly no matter how we discredited, demonized, ruined, and ridiculed the do-gooders. Slaves always listen and listening leads to doubt no matter how strongly the slave believes the lies and doubt leads to more listening and more doubt until before you know it almost no one believes. Look at government. How many of the slaves actually believe the government works for them any more? Not enough and only the slaves that are already sucking at the government dole; they'd believe anything as long as they can fill their greedy bellies on the dole. More converts and you know where that ends up. FAIL, FAIL, FAIL! 

Time is running out and we have not managed to solve the slave population problem and we have been at it for thousands of years. Never should have created the slaves in the first place. They have been nothing but a royal nuisance from the beginning. Too bad that Flood didn't work. Do-gooders getting in the way and saving the nasty little buggers. Yes, even among the elite, there are do-gooders, but we have to increase our numbers somehow and interbreeding hasn't worked. Interbreeding only ends up coming back to bite us in the backside with madness, weak and diseased offspring, and eventually a need for reinvigoration from -- you've got it -- more slaves. It's a conundrum, a Mobius strip, a never ending problem with no solution, except for total anihilation, and we have a right to continue our species. 

That is all. Disperse. 

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