Monday, October 16, 2006

Cockroaches and light

A few days ago I posted the review an author questioned and a link to the LJ post she made about the review (although very little about the review) with a laundry list of garbage she needed to air out. The next day the post was locked and made friends only so her admittedly public post that she refused to lock down in her own LJ could be read by me. She hoped that someone would send me the link or a piece of the post (which someone did) so that I could read what she thought about me. I was not surprised by her action before or after I responded simply by allowing her words to stand next to the review. I did take the precaution of copying the entire post and saving it so that it would still be available when she found out people were reading her public post and comparing it to the review that she failed to link or quote, either of which would have been fine with me. I have a copyright on my reviews, as does Author Link for whom I also do book reviews, but I am not ashamed of my words or my reviews and have been proud to have authors quote me in press releases, on their web sites and even on jacket copy. I am not afraid of the truth or the light.

Earlier today I received an email from the author who commented on the blog where I posted the entire copy of her post with the appropriate citations. She accused me of infringing on her copyright of the material and demanded I take the post down. I commented in return, not even a little surprised that she chose to comment on that particular blog rather than here on LJ where people on her list who also share me as a friend could read what she wrote. It is apparent that unlike me she is not willing to let her words stand the cold harsh light of truth.

I made the post private so it is no longer available to be read publicly and I await an answer from a legal consultant as to what constitutes copyright infringement in this case. However, anyone who has not read the post and still wishes to compare it to the review, which is public and will remain public, I will email a copy of her post in its entirety.

A short while ago this same author, who had sent me emails from time to time commenting on public posts here on LJ, wrote this to me:

"Yes, I still read your journal on LJ because I find it's one of the most honest and erudite around. Just had to say today's post was a memorable one -- and so true!"

The email was long and I will also email a copy of it to anyone who wishes the read the whole text. As it was sent to me, there are no copyright infringement issues.

I do find it interesting that someone who praises my honesty privately will take the time to defame me privately where no one except for her followers can see what is really going on without providing proof of her claims. I let the truth stand side by side because I have nothing to fear from anyone for my actions or my opinions. However, once the light is on she scurries for cover unwilling to stand by what she says, choosing rather to hide behind questions of copyright infringement.

Since we parted company more than a year ago I have not found the need or the desire to venture over to her journal to read what she says, although I heard that immediately after the break she made her journal friends only. After being sent a piece of the now infamous post about my review, I did go look for the rest of the post, and you have seen the results.

I lock very few posts and then only when it will spoil a gift or a surprise for a friend who reads my journal. Instead I prefer to write publicly and stand unashamed in the harsh, cold light of truth.

You have seen her words. She continues to read my LJ every day. This is not something she wants universally known and no doubt was pure flattery for the single minded purpose of gaining a glowing review for her book. Had the breach between us been mended or had I allowed myself to trust her, I would still have written the same review, which is not what the author wants to hear. Since she has failed in her task to woo me to her side and get a glowing review she seeks to hide the truth and her motives.
I have one question for her? If my opinion doesn't matter, why are you "fixated" on my one review?

In case you're wondering, the author is none other than LJ's own otherwise known as nocturnalmuse on DeadJournal aka Bev Walton-Porter.

If you're interested in the original post before she hunts it down and demands it be deleted, check it out.

That is all. Disperse.

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