Friday, November 03, 2006

Cold lizard moves

A cold lizard moves very slowly, comes from being cold-blooded and needing the heat of a summer sun to get their blood flowing and their limbs moving. That's how I felt this morning: cold and slow. Instead of jumping right into writing another 2000 words, I opted for a warm shower to get the blow flowing and my limbs moving. It felt really good, too, but today is definitely a sweater day, and possibly a sweater and jacket day. The sun room is cool most of the time even when the sun hits it but I also like a window open for the fresh air to keep my head clear. That translates to cold fingers and cool temps. Sacrifices. Warm, limber body this morning means no words written.

And then there was breakfast to cook and eat. No oatmeal, although that would have felt really good going down and lighting a warm fire in my belly to last a few hours, so eggs, but before I could cook anything the phone rang. It was the landlady needing to talk. Since she's a friend as well as my landlady breakfast could wait. After 45 minutes on the phone with her and gulping down two eggs, I am already late for work. Just two minutes, but two minutes late means two minutes extra and probably a short lunch. The life of a single writer who still has to slave for wages is not very glamorous. It is, however, my life and it's still a good life, warts and all.

That is all. Disperse.

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