Thursday, November 02, 2006

So many words

Well, the day is finally over and I added another 2000 words to my novel over on NaNoWriMo and finished a chapter. Looks like I'm going to do this. I already know there are some areas that need to be reworked but I'm resisting the urge--successfully for now.

Today was a busy day. I actually had plenty of transcription to keep me busy and I received an email from the other company telling me they want to set up a phone interview. I'll do that tomorrow at 1 PM (3 PM their time). I also had to send them the names and numbers of three professional references. I can't exactly ask my current employer for a reference and I lost contact with my supervisors and QA techs at the old job a while ago. No one sticks around for very long (the company's choice, their choice, who knows whose choice), so I had to scrounge and beg a little today. I was surprised the people I asked responded so quickly--and said yes. I have good friends.

I also called Mom and Dad and got some news. Dad sounds great and he's in good spirits.I had to yell so Dad could hear me but he was laughing and joking and back to Dad. Must be the lack of testosterone poisoning in his system. This surgery may have been a good thing, outside of cutting off the food supply for the cancer. I know how attached he was to his jewels. It's not like taking out a woman's ovaries. We are attached but not quite so attached to them. Our ovaries don't define most of us. Our breasts do.

Anyway, everything is squared away, or so I thought. Beanie told me she's moving. Not here to Colorado or even to Montana or Wyoming, but into Mom and Dad's house. I knew it would happen but not until after our parents were gone. That changed with Dad's surgery. Mom and Dad have decided they need to move back to town so they're not so isolated. They also want to cut back on expenses. The house isn't as big as Beanie's house now but they will have more land for their horses and animals. Beanie's son Ants is a little upset because its farther from Charity's house. I told Beanie to tell Ants it will give him more practice driving. She laughed. So, Beanie and her husband will put their house on the market and take over the payments on Mom and Dad's house, which is a scant eight miles away from their present home. So much is changing and the inevitable keeps moving closer.

At least Mom and Dad will be closer to the hospital and Dad's cardiologist and Mom can go back to Mt. Carmel for her monthly transfusions. It's a good idea but I didn't think it would happen so quickly. Surprise!

In the meantime, I'll focus on work and finishing the new novel and book reviews and more work and just keep busy. I may even manage an afternoon nap once in a while so I can write until 11 PM. Now it's time for bed. Oh my gods o'clock comes early in the morning and I want to get another hour or two done before it's time for work. I have words to write and words to transcribe.

That is all. Disperse.

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