Thursday, November 02, 2006


Dad had his surgery yesterday--finally. They kept changing the time so that his original 9:30 AM start time became 1:30 PM. He was in surgery about 30 minutes and since his replacement heart valve is failing they did the procedure under a local anesthetic. That means that Dad had a chance to talk during the surgery--and he did--a lot. I guess he talked the surgery team's ears off while they worked on him. That'll teach them to leave him awake. I'm sure he was nervous and a little bit anxious and that always translates to conversation. He probably couldn't hear everything people were saying because he wouldn't have been allowed his hearing aids, but there's nothing wrong with his mouth.

He came through the surgery all right but he may be dead this morning. I haven't checked. I talked to my mother last night and she said she was fixing dinner for Dad, always a bad sign. ;0) Just kidding. Dad is a better cook but Mom can open cans and use the microwave with the best of them. When it comes to desserts Mom shines as a cook, but only because she loves to eat them and would settle for nothing less than chocolately perfection.

As for the rest, I have writing to do before I begin my working day. I promised myself I would write for two hours in the morning and fit in some more later in the day. This is my short work day since payroll ends at 2 PM my time. I need the break from working like a mad woman for the past three days but I'll get over it. At least the work is finally there. I may make it after all.

That is all. Disperse.

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